Headway Preston Online Support project awarded £14,029.00 from the Postcode Neighbourhood Trust

Local charity Headway Preston and Chorley has been awarded funding from the Postcode Neighbourhood Trust to support people online through the pandemic.

The 12-month long project will enable the charity to adapt its services in response to current and possible future government restrictions and reach out to those isolating.

The new funding will expand the charity’s keep in touch project to provide online support via Facetime, Zoom or What’s App. People who are not used to using IT and online applications will receive tuition from the charity.

The weekly face to face communication with Headway specialist staff and the virtual assistance will help with practical issues ranging from completing online benefit application forms to accessing online GP services and hospital appointments, to setting up a new household appliances to contacting loved ones.

Liz Bamber Charity manager said, “We are very pleased our application to the Postcode Neighbourhood Trust was successful as it means so much to us to be able to see our clients and help out where needed. We have a wonderfully skilled team at Headway Preston and Chorley and this funding will also safeguard jobs through very difficult times”.

If you need our help, please contact us:07557123493

E: services@headwaycentrallancashire.org.uk

Headway Preston and Chorley celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year providing help and support to adults with acquired brain injury or major trauma injuries. Services include community meetings, advice and information service, hospital visiting support service for neurological conditions and major trauma, exercise class, walking group, art therapy, talking group, IT support, Welfare Benefits service, information literature volunteering opportunities. Charity number 1144388

Postcode Neighbourhood Trust operates its own society lottery and receives all of its funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Due to the current pandemic, in 2020 we are focusing on organisations affected by COVID-19 under the themes: supporting organisations resilience and adapting and expanding services to meet new challenges.


Contact Liz Bamber 07557123493


Daughter of former volunteer raises £1360 for Headway Preston and Chorley

Antonia Dearden age 21 has raised £1360 in memory of her Dad and former Headway Preston and Chorley volunteer who sadly passed away in 2015.

Antonia decided in 2019 that she wanted to do a skydive fundraiser for Headway Preston and Chorley, in memory of her dad Andrew. It was planned for 12th June 2019 which would have been his 51st birthday but unfortunately it was cancelled twice due to bad weather. Antonia rescheduled the dive this year for what would have been her dad’s birthday weekend, however that too was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Frustrated at not being able to complete the skydive and nearing her 21st birthday Antonia decided that it was the right thing to do to donate the money on 1st November (her dads 5-year anniversary).

Antonia said, “I made a Facebook post to explain my decision and check with the kind people who sponsored me that they agreed with this decision. Thankfully, everyone was happy for me to proceed and she has managed to raise £1360.00.

Antonia added, “I know that these funds are vital for Headway Preston and Chorley especially during the current situation. At the moment fundraising is very difficult. This has a massive impact on smaller charities and I am very grateful to my family and friends who have donated and supported me”.

Andrew Dearden was a volunteer up to shortly before he died in 2015.10 years previously, he’d successfully had a large, rare brain tumour removed. He made a good recovery, however this left him with many difficulties, some hidden and some which were more apparent. He lost a quarter of his vision, had problems with coordination, fatigued easily, was very sensitive to fluorescent lighting and busy places.  There were ups and downs, but he did have a good quality of life. He strove to overcome these difficulties and in 2012 he and his wife Pam became volunteers with Headway Preston and Chorley. This allowed him to put his life experience to good use and help others who were in similar situations to the one he found himself in. Sadly 9 years later secondary tumours appeared in other parts of his body which led to a terminal diagnosis.

Brain injuries are something which people have very minimal understanding of unless they have personal experience with them. The work that Headway Preston and Chorley do to support people with brain injuries is vital – they are a lifeline for many people.

Liz Bamber, Manager of Headway Preston and Chorley said: “Andrew and Pam were wonderful volunteers, Andrew led our relaxation group and Pam the art class. The family were one of the first to volunteer for Headway Preston and Chorley and we will be forever grateful for their hard work and dedication. Andrew found volunteering therapeutic and looked forward to helping others with similar types of brain injuries.

“When Antonia told us, she was intending to do a skydive we were amazed and grateful. The setbacks just made her more determined and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts for raising £1360.00 which will go towards the Headway Preston and Chorley emergency fund helping local families in crisis following sudden injury or disability.

To find out more about you can help Headway Preston and Chorley visit https://headwaycentrallancashire.org.uk/how-to-donate/#

Contact Headway Preston and Chorley Liz Bamber 07557123493


Contact Antonia Dearden 07730436388


Coronavirus Community Support Fund award.

Funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund, awarded today has helped ‘Headway Preston Keep On Going’. The money is awarded for a 6 month period to deliver essential services including our helpline 07557123493 and staff managing the outreach service.

Liz Bamber, Charity Manager said, ‘this is a special fund for small charities who are delivering essential services in their communities during Coronavirus restrictions. Most charities are worried about how they will survive and adapt to the current ways of working. Most of us work face to face with our clients often providing immediate assistance to those who need our help. Social distancing has effected how we work and how we fund our charities. Thanks to the Government for making this possible’.
The National Lottery Community Fund

ABI week 28th September – 4th October 2020

One of the most common concerns from brain injury survivors is the profound impact that can have on their lives and relationships post brain injury. This year ABI week focuses on memory problems and how we can help patients and their families develop strategies using aids to remember everyday things.

In January 2020, Headway UK launched a survey into the effects of memory loss, to be completed by brain injury survivors or their family members and carers acting on their behalf. 

The results are striking, with 85% of survivors experiencing a negative impact on their lives and 65% feeling that their personal relationships have been negatively affected as a result of their memory problems.

At Headway Preston and Chorley we supply simple aids such as diaries, white boards, post-it pads to our members. We also talk through strategies to help cope with memory loss including using mobile phone Apps, alarms and devices such as Amazon’s Alexa.

Headway UK produces a booklet on memory problems after brain injury which you can download directly from their website or contact us for a hard copy.

I should be at the Golf Day but…!

Our Headway Golf Day was originally scheduled to take place on Thursday 24th September. However, as with many charity events this year, we were forced to cancel due to Covid-19 restrictions. We simply would not have been able to organise the event to be as safe (and as fun!) as it should have been. 

Fletchers Golf Day last year raised over £10,000 for Headway Preston and Chorley; a huge amount of money that went on to support those affected by acquired brain injury and major trauma. Although we don’t expect to raise as much this year, we’re inviting you to join in our virtual campaign, in order to raise some of the funds the charity has missed out on in 2020:
Thank you to all who can donate.


Preston brain injury charity needed now more than ever

Local brain injury charity Headway Preston and Chorley is needed now more than ever according to the results of a survey published by Headway UK.

The survey, which explored the impact of COVID-19 on people affected by brain injury, found that more than half of brain injury survivors have lost access to rehabilitation services as a result of lockdown and are finding isolation very difficult.

Early rehabilitation following brain injury can be crucial in helping survivors to regain a degree of independence and relearn lost skills, including walking and talking. But 57% of those who sustained their injuries within the past two years say their access to rehabilitation and community groups has been negatively impacted.

A further 64% of those living with the long-term effects of brain injury reported a deterioration in their mental health as a result of the measures implemented to control the spread of COVID-19, while almost two thirds say they now fear for their futures.

The key findings revealed:

· 57% of people who sustained a brain injury within the past two years reported that their rehabilitation has been negatively impacted

· Two thirds of respondents reported a negative impact on their psychological wellbeing

· 62% of respondents fear for their future

· 50% have lost access to vital support that helps them to cope

· 42% say their rehabilitation has been negatively impacted

See attached press release for more information.

New COVID advice from local government is get tested with or without symptoms.

People in Preston are now being encouraged to get tested with or without symptoms. 

There is a temporary walk-in testing station for people without symptoms to get tested at:

Issa Medical Centre 73 St Gregory Road Preston PR1 6YA

Those with symptoms including: a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste should ring NHS 119 first.

Protect your community today.

Lancashire COVID-19 Support Fund and National Emergencies Trust fund KIT

Headway Preston and Chorley’s Keep In Touch project has secured £2933.00 of funding from the Lancashire COVID-19 Community Support Fund and National Emergencies Trust to continue the Keep In Touch (KIT) project into October.

The project which contacts people from Lancashire who are isolating or reducing contact with others, is assisting over 80 people every week.

Three trained staff offer regular contact, practical help and welfare calls from Headway Preston and Chorley to anyone affected by acquired brain injury or major trauma and their families and carers.

Liz Bamber, Headway Preston manager said, ‘Thanks to the Lancashire COVID-19 Community Support Fund and National Emergencies Trust we have been able to extend this lifeline beyond summer which is just brilliant. The service started as a result of our face to face community sessions being cancelled but everyone has enjoyed it so much, we now want to build KIT into our core services’.

June News

Our June bulletin is all about keeping well and staying safe and to reassure our clients that we are thinking of them and available by telephone if they need us.

Keeping in Touch

Regular telephone calls during the lock down are proving to be a lifeline and many people download the bulletin to find out how to become involved.

Gentle Exercise Sessions by Catherine Mitchell

Catherine Mitchell, who usually runs our relaxation classes at the Activity Day, has made 5 videos of her sessions for anyone to follow online here.

Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives

Advice about staying safe due to COVID-19 is changing weekly. How and where to get your updates.

Learn from Home

Lancashire Adult Learning has moved online due to current and they are providing opportunities for learning across the county. Find out more here.

Welfare benefits update

Universal Credit, New Style ESA, PIP and Attendance Allowance if you need help contact us 07557123493


Headway Preston and Chorley sets up online exercise classes to help with wellbeing in isolation

Headway Preston and Chorley has set up specialist online exercise classes to help brain injury survivors with their physical and mental wellbeing during lockdown.

Headway Preston and Chorley has set up specialist online exercise classes to help brain injury survivors with their physical and mental wellbeing during lockdown.

One of the charity’s fitness instructors Catherine Mitchell runs the classes on YouTube. She said: “It’s important that during these uncertain times, we take the time to focus not only on our physical wellbeing, but on our mental wellbeing too.

“The gentle exercise classes have proven of critical importance in maintaining positive attitudes for our members in what are incredibly unsettling times for us all.

“Just as they did beforehand, the virtual classes aim to cultivate a caring attitude towards our bodies, something that can be a struggle for brain injury survivors who may have experienced physical changes following their injury.

“These sessions help our members to accept those changes within their body and implement new forms of exercise tailored to their abilities.”

More than 60 brain injury survivors have gotten involved with the virtual classes, with a great response from all participants.

The gentle exercise classes are also supported by telephone calls with members to guide them through the different movements and activities, as well as written instructions for those who may struggle to keep up with the pace of the videos.

But as with any other service, these classes have come at a cost to the charity.

Liz Bamber, Project Manager at Headway Preston and Chorley said: “Small charities like ours need help to continue supporting those who rely on us every day – both during and after COVID-19.

“The closure of our day centre has the potential to cause huge disruption to the lives and wellbeing of our service users, so it’s been our top priority to ensure that we continue to provide some kind of support to keep our members safe and connected.

“Our grants are on hold, events are cancelled, donations are down and that means our clients could be without support. Now more than ever, we rely on generous donations to continue our vital work in the community. To find out more go to https://headwaycentrallancashire.org.uk/headway-preston-gentle-exercise/

To donate go to: https://headwaycentrallancashire.org.uk/how-to-donate/