See the Hidden Me

New research shows more than three quarters of brain injury survivors struggle every day due to their hidden disability.

As part of Action for Brain Injury Week 2022 (16th – 22nd May 2022), Headway – the brain injury association is sharing the stark results of the See the Hidden Me study which found that 76% of brain injury survivors experience problems on a daily basis because of the hidden, and often misunderstood nature of brain injury.

When a brain injury occurs, in a moment of trauma or medical emergency, the life of the person affected, alongside the lives of their loved ones, are changed in an instant. The See the Hidden Me campaign focusses on raising awareness of the battle that survivors and their carers face after the injury.

Headway Central Lancashire members have taken part in the study and held focus groups to share learning, try to overcome difficulties and help each other.

Staff and volunteers at Headway Central Lancashire all have personal or family experience of brain injury and our services are uniquely tailored to our clients’ needs and family support.

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