Great Run for Headway CL

On Saturday 22nd May 2022 four friends took to the streets of Manchester to raise money for Headway Central Lancashire in the Great Manchester Run Half Marathon.

Lewis Bamber, Connor Sleight, Lewis Fensome and Ryan Worthington all finished in less than 1hr 40 and made us all very proud.

Lewis Bamber said, ’17 years ago, my brother was in a motorbike accident which left him with with a serious brain injury. As a result of this, he had to pretty much restart life – learning to walk, talk and complete tasks that we otherwise wouldn’t think twice about.

This took a huge toll on our family, and although it wasn’t easy – we got through it. My mum (Liz Bamber) always puts others first, and after experiencing this, wanted to help other families going through the same. That’s where Headway Central Lancashire was born.

Headway Central Lancashire supports individuals and families who are suffering both directly and indirectly following an acquired brain injury or major trauma incident. The team works tirelessly around the clock to ensure that they have access to everything needed to get through what is an incredibly tough time.

Myself, Lewis Fensome, Ryan Worthington and Connor Sleight are completing this run to raise money for Headway Central Lancashire. To help the charity continue to provide it’s priceless services to it’s members’.

Lewis Bamber is fundraising for Headway Central Lancashire (

Funds are still be counted and will be announced soon.