Headway Central Lancashire provides a wide range of advice and information and support to adults affected by acquired brain injury and a major trauma injury through our Neuro Support and Major Trauma Patient Support Service.

Advice and Information

When you or a family member or friend is suddenly affected by a serious injury or condition, the changes to normal life can be difficult to deal with and you might need advice.  Our team can help you through our advice and information service.

Family support

Everyone at Headway Central Lancashire understands what you are going through when someone you know has suffered an acquired brain injury. Many of our staff and volunteers have first-hand experience or have a family member with an ABI.


After a brain injury there is usually a long period of rehabilitation and adjustment and it is a team effort. We can assist with this process and provide community meetings and sessions where you can enhance your formal rehabilitation and meet others who are going through a similar experience. Rehabilitation can be helped in the following ways:


You can make an appointment to see us at the Headway Office, at the Community Sessions, while you are in hospital or at home.

How to donate to our charity: