Headway Central Lancashire has partnered up with Electricity Northwest to support people who need extra care with their electricity supply.


ESPARK: Electricity Support Partnership And Resources Know How aims to provide people with help to sign up and receive information on Power Cuts and energy saving advice.


Have a disability either physical or mental disability either long or short term.

Or are over state pension age.

Or have a young family with children under aged 5.

How to sign up:

Contact us for help to sign up: Telephone 01772 791460 or 07557123493


We can meet you in person or online and get you registered and you will receive a free power cut pack from Headway Central Lancashire (first 1000 families).

Or you can register here please remember to select Headway Central Lancashire from the drop down menu ‘How did you hear about us’ and then let us know you have registered, so you can receive your Power Cut Pack.