Brain Injury ID Card

A Brain Injury ID card has been introduced by Headway UK, a national charity.

The aim of the card is to provide people wiid-card-imageth brain injury with support and confidence in social situations as well as any interactions with emergency services.

The card displays a criminal legal assistance number that can be called to request specialist legal advice or representation. It also displays the Headway UK helpline number and website details.

  • How to apply

Applications can be made online or by post.

Online applications.

The card is free-of-charge and the application can be made by the person or somebody else can apply on their behalf. A passport-sized photo is required and brain injury verification and confirmation that the survivor receives support from your a Headway Group (independent charity) or Headway Branch of Headway UK.

Please note Headway Central Lancashire is an independent charity and we can assist you to apply for a Brain Injury ID card but the card is produced by Headway UK. Telephone: 07557123493 or email:

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