Specialist Volunteers Support Headway

Jamie Atkinson is working on the Keep In Touch Project

Hi, I’m Jamie Atkinson and I’ve recently graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with an upper second-class degree in Business and Marketing. After speaking to my friend Lewis Bamber, I was inspired by his brother’s story regarding his brain injury. I wanted to help support him and others in similar circumstances. When he informed me about a volunteering opportunity that was available working with Headway, his family charity, I was eager to help in any way I could. In addition to this, my marketing skills are being enhanced and my own personal knowledge about living with a brain injury. Collaborating with my partner and her school, helped to make more children aware of the importance of a helmet and brain injuries. As I continue to work with Headway, I hope we can get as many people involved in supporting the charity.

Eleanor Brindle is working on the Schools Poetry Project

Hi, I’m Eleanor Brindle and I am currently the Year 6 teacher at Bedford Hall Methodist Primary school. After being told about Headway by my partner Jamie Atkinson, I did my own research in to the charity and brain injuries. I do not know what it is like to live with a brain injury but I want to help those who are doing. Therefore, as my passion is teaching, I decided to combine this with my desire to help. Poetry has the ability to express thoughts and feelings in a creative way. I believe that by the children writing a poem about the determination to succeed; persevering in tough times and about the importance of helmet safety – alongside doing their own research on Headway – it will allow the children to reflect on how life can be different and increasingly more difficult than their own, for those living with brain injuries. Headway are a fantastic charity that directly helps those in need and because of this, I wanted this charity to be the one that my school and I worked with.

Lewis Bamber is working on the Major Trauma Patient Support Virtual Service

Lewis Bamber graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2018 …..

Ellie Spickett is working on the charities graphics and developing an animation project.

Ellie Spickett Graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2020…