Love A x

Pam and Andrew Dearden were volunteers at Headway Preston and Chorley from the start of the charity in 2010 until 2015. Pam never thought their life would take the route it did and this week she has published her book Love A x 


To purchase your copy for £7.99 plus postage and packing please email A donation from each book sale will be made to our charity.

Pam Dearden knew she would marry Andrew after their first date. His shiny shoes, shiny car, shiny hair and huge smile lit up her life and there was no going back.
Smooches on the doorstep at 3am soon turned to marriage and children and all seemed rosy.
Before too long however Pam had a niggling feel something was not quite right. A visit to the doctors prompted a scan on Andrews brain which revealed a lurking mass the size of a satsuma.
Doctors where initially confident the tumour would be straightforward to remove, however during surgery it turned out they were dealing with a very rare and complicated Haemangiopericytoma.

This is Pam’s gritty and cathartic story of their families devastating yet uplifting  journey through treatment, recovery and recurring illness, where love shone through to the end.

Liz Bamber, Headway manager said, Pam’s story is one of courage, determination and unconditional love for her husband and her children.

This book will make you cry and hug your family.