Walking for Mind and Body

The Walking for Mind and Body project is a series of short walks every month to improve your mind and body. Many health benefits can be gained from taking part in these sessions. Walking can improve balance and increase stamina as well as being beneficial for your heart and lungs. For those with acquired brain injury, walking in groups enables you to feel supported while being in the outdoors.

Each walk is accessible and usually finishes with a healthy lunch. The walks are subsidised due to recent funding from JMW Solicitors, keeping the cost down to just £3.50 per person.

*If you require support to attend the walks please bring your own support worker or someone who can stay with you during the activity.

2022 dates:

Tuesday 12th April

Tuesday  10th May

Tuesday 14th June

Tuesday 12th July – Moor Park and Finney’s for lunch.

Tuesday 9th August – Haslam Park and Finney’s for lunch.

Tuesday 13th September

Tuesday 11th October

Tuesday 8th November

  • Please note these dates may be subject to change.
  • Booking is required. Please contact us for bookings and arrangements. 
  • To book contact Margaret on 07808 648728 or telephone the office 01772 791460