Keep In Touch

Keep in Touch was added to our service during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. We offered regular telephone friendship calls of approx. 15 minutes to check in and provide a listening ear.

Although the project funding has ended we are still running a scaled down version of Keep in Touch and we are looking for volunteers to work on the project.


What Keep in Touch offers:
  • Regular contact with Headway Central Lancashire.
  • Listening to concerns and giving appropriate advice.
  • Reassuring clients who might be worried about becoming unwell and to advise them of what do to if they have any symptoms.
  • Preventing isolation, negative thoughts and low mood.
  • Assisting people to establish a home routine.
  • Providing virtual welfare benefits assistance and form filling.
  • Assisting clients to obtain information form other organisations (assisted signposting).

The service is not a counselling service and specialist medical advice cannot be given however, we can provide information on welfare benefits, legal and employment advice.

How to contact us:

Helpline: 07557123493

Laura: 0783637197        

Margaret: 07808 648728

If you would like to have us call you we can also be contacted via email:

This project was funded by the Lancashire COVID-19 Community Support Fund and National Emergencies Trust.

How to donate to our charity: